End Your Worst Nightmares with 3 Sure-methods to Fix a Chipped Teeth

End Your Worst Nightmares with 3 Sure-methods to Fix a Chipped Teeth

Tooth decay, acid reflux, poor oral hygiene, and injury are few causes of having chipped teeth. Minor and severe chipped teeth issues can be managed by dental treatments. That’s right. An orthodontist will evaluate the extent of the damage to know which treatment would fit in. Here’s a list of the possible chipped teeth treatment an orthodontist would recommend for chipped teeth. But don’t forget that the treatments do not apply to all the conditions.

Method one

If the chipped teeth are not so big, an orthodontist would suggest a treatment called smoothing. In this case, the chipped teeth are smoothed to align with the rest of the teeth. This treatment would not work for severely chipped teeth.

Method two

Another chipped teeth treatment is the bond filling method. A bond filling material is used to fix the chip to the tooth. So the tooth coloured composite resin used for the bond filling method is hardened with ultraviolet light to take the look of a natural tooth.

Method three

It is the crown option usually recommended for severe or big chipped teeth. The leftover piece of the chipped teeth is removed and capped with a crown. The crown works similar to a tooth and can enhance the look of your smile. However, if the damage is extreme, root canal therapy is recommended to decrease the risk of developing a pulp infection.

Method four

Finally, dental veneers come in handy for front chipped teeth. What distinguishes the treatment is its high customize features that allow you to customize it to your taste. They are created in the laboratory and tailored down to the patient’s needs.

Not all chipped teeth conditions are life-threatening. However, see an orthodontist at https://yousmileismile.dk/ to avoid causing more damage to the chipped teeth. Soon you’ll have it figured out and have the perfect smile you dream of.