What are WebHotels?

10 September 2021
Taushif Hayder

What is a Webhotel/hosting Service?

Webhotel is a rented service for publishing websites, it provides shared or dedicated hosting of one or more services for customers. A good way to think about it is that if the domain name is your home address, then the web server is the actual home address that the address points to. All websites on the internet require web hosting.

It is commonly used to host websites but web servers can also be used to host emails, files, games, and other corporate content such as applications to make managing your website easier. 

The four main types of hosting

  • Managed Hosting – In managed hosting, the service provider owns and operates the servers rented from customers. The provider is responsible for server administration, software maintenance, backup services, technical support, security and more. 
  • Cloud hosting –  With cloud storage, the service provider offers a private, public, or hybrid cloud, and the customer pays for system time and capacity. The capacity of the cloud can be increased or decreased depending on the computing needs of the client.
  • Private virtual servers –  VPN service providers host a customer’s website on their own virtual private server, which is physically isolated from the websites of other customers. Managed hosting providers, colocation providers, and cloud hosting providers offer virtual private servers.
  • Colocation data centers –  A physical facility that has enough power, space, cooling, and security to house the company’s computing equipment and servers and provide the internet connection. They are typically operated by local providers and run in climate-controlled environments. 

Why use web hosting services

The superior performance with dedicated servers, storage and networking allows hosting providers to customize their cloud solutions to meet the unique business requirements of their customers, thereby ensuring optimal website and application performance. The same is true for dedicated environments in public or private clouds.


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